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Canon EOS 400D Review, Adrian Warren, February 2008

The Canon "consumer" digital SLR line began in 2003 with the launch of the EOS 300D/Digital Rebel, which was the first affordable (<1000USD) mass market dSLR. Whilst it was a breakthrough product in many ways, it was also a limited product; to many it was seen as a "crippled" EOS 10D due to the relatively large number of missing features from the otherwise similar EOS 10D. When Canon launched the EOS 350D/Digital Rebel XT, they were keen to break this perception. The EOS 350D was in many ways all the things the EOS 300D should have been, and it had the advantage of a newer 8MP sensor and faster chipset (DIGIC II).

Whilst being similar to the EOS 350D, the EOS 400D/Digital Rebel XTi brings some new features to the table. Amongst those new features is an integrated dust management system, a better AF subsystem (borrowed from its big brother the 30D), a higher resolution sensor, a larger buffer for improved burst performance, and controversially a larger single LCD display to replace the standard colour display and the simple settings display of previous models.

Model history

Model Announced Effective pixels Auto focus Continuous JPEG LCD size
EOS 300D/Digital Rebel August 2003 6.3MP 7 point 2.5fps, 4 images 1.8" TFT, 118,000 pixels
EOS 350D/Digital Rebel XT February 2005 8.0MP 7 point 3fps, 14 images 1.8" TFT, 115,000 pixels
EOS 400D/Digital Rebel XTi August 2006 10.1MP 9 point 3fps, 27 images 2.5" TFT, 230,000 pixels

Feature comparision between the EOS 350D and EOS 400D, highlighting improvements

EOS 350D

EOS 400D

Effective Pixels 8.0MP 10.1MP
Continuous shooting 3fps JPEG/14 images 3fps JPEG/27 images
Sensor Cleaning No Yes, vibrating filter and dust mapping via DPP
AF 7 point AF 9 point AF
Display 1.8" TFT, 115000 pixels 2.5" TFT, 230000 pixels
Display brightness 5 levels 7 levels
Picture Styles No Yes
Histogram Brightness only Brightness or RGB
Playback zoom 2x-10x 1.5x-10x
Battery life CIPA: standard 600; flash: 400 CIPA: standard 500; flash: 370
Weight 485g 510g

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