The FAQ consists of four main sections:

On the road - this section deals with the differences between countries, and other things you'll need to consider whilst travelling, like film safety and storing digital images.

Photography - this page deals with photographic matters, like how to choose your travel camera - whether digital or film, and information about lenses, films and filters.

Buyers guides - this page discusses where to buy equipment, and covers what to look for in a variety of different types of gadgets.

Computing - this page covers pop-up blocking, spyware detection and removal, online banking, securing your computer, creating websites and general computer troubleshooting.

Alphabetical index:

Binoculars (buying) - How to choose a pair of binoculars.

Blocking popups - Blocking pop-up adverts.

Buying gadgets - Getting the best price, and a few things to be careful of.

Camcorders (buying) - Camcorder buying hints, and things to be careful about.

Choosing a camera - Choosing a camera, and deciding whether digital is for you.

Creating a website - How to create your own website.

Digital cameras - What to look for when choosing a digital camera.

DVD standards - Television/Video/DVD standards around the world.

Electricity standards - Electrical standards around the world.

Film cameras - Choosing a film based camera.

Film safety - Film safety, and airport security.

Filters - Choosing filters.

International calls - Keeping your international call costs down whilst on the road.

Language settings (computer) - Installing language options.

Laptops (buying) - Laptop computers, terms explained and links.

LCD displays (buying) - Interested in buying an LCD display, then read this.

Lenses - Choosing a lens.

Mobile phone standards - Mobile phone standards around the world.

MP3 players (buying) - Different types of MP3 player available and what to look for.

Online banking - Ways to reduce the risk of online banking whilst you're travelling.

Pop-up adverts (blocking) - Blocking pop-up adverts.

Radio standards - Radio standards around the world.

Scanners (buying) - Flatbed and film scanners, advice and hints on buying.

Security (computer) - Things you should be doing to keep your data private (firewalls etc).

Self help - Finding information that isn't covered in the FAQ.

Spyware (removal) - Finding and removing spyware.

Storing Digital Images - Storing digital images whilst travelling.

Troubleshooting (computer) - What to do when things stop working.

TV standards - Television/Video/DVD standards around the world.

Video standards - Television/Video/DVD standards around the world

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